Saturday, March 13, 2010

Working Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite

Working satellites took a leap from the home brewing antennas to QSO with the satellite passes, with downloading of a satellite tracking software Satscape. The link to download is

The software needs to be updated with the grid info of your location to get the real time passes corresponding to your location. Also you can add some of the satellites to your favourites.

February 5th 2010 was the day when i progressed from a listener to an active Satellite tracker. I had my first QSO on Chinese Satellite HO-68 with E21EJC, from Bangkok(Thailand). Brimming with this success, started working actively on the following four satellites:-
1. VO-52 ; Uplink-435.250 , Downlink-145.900 (central frequency)
2. HO-68; Uplink-145.825(Pl-67hz) , Downlink-435.675
3. SO-50; Uplink-145.850(Pl-67hz) , Downlink-436.795
4. AO-51; Uplink-144.920 (Pl-67hz) , Downlink-435.300

The tally of QSO on satellite till now

VU2GUR (AO-51; 8TH MARCH 2010 ; 12.16HRS UTC)
VU2GUR (VO-52; 7TH MARCH 2010; 4.30HRS UTC)
VU2GUR (VO-52; 5TH FEB 2010; 15.30HRS UTC)
VU2MUD (VO-52; 28TH FEB 2010; 4.30HRS UTC)
E21EJC; (HO-68; 5TH FEB 2010; 15.50 HRS UTC)
VU2GPS (VO-52; 7TH MARCH 2010; 4.30HRS UTC)
VU2TYG (VO-52; 28TH FEB 2010; 4.30HRS UTC)

Stations copied on the LEO satellites in Feb 2010 till 14th March 2010.
6. HS1WX1
7. E21EJC

No success on AO-51 on 14th March 2010 ( the pass time was 6.05 hrs IST). Waiting for some more passes in the morning.

Rigs Used:-

1. Yeasu FT 60R: vhf/uhf dual band 5 watt hand held radio
2. ICOM 2200; VHF 65 W
3. Antenna for 2 meter
5/8 antenna mounted at 20ft height from the ground

4. Antenna for UHF
a. Di-pole mounted horizontally (radials facing east west direction); for vertical passes
b. Slimjim antenna (made of 5 mm brass)

You may also need SMA to SO-239 connectors for the handheld radio.

The journey continues. Looking forward to touch a tally of 100 DX contacts before the onset of monsoon.


  1. Hi Jayant,
    "1. VO-52 ; Uplink-435.250 , Downlink-144.795"
    I guess the downlink central frequency for VO52 is 145.900
    best 73's
    vu3voc / a92gk

  2. Hi Rajesh,

    You are correct the downlink central frequency is 145.900, there was an error in the blog. Thanks a lot and shall correct it immediately.

    In fact i have been working this satellite from 145.895 to 145.910 successfully handling the doppler