Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Interesting encounter with VU3GFF from Bangalore

Woke up in the morning of 10th March 2010 with the buzz of my cell phone. The call was from our VU2WSM (Satheesh) from Dombivali (Mumbai) about arrival of VU3GFF (Dr. Santhosh) from Bangalore. Interesting part of the info was voyage from Bangalore to Mumbai on his bike. It was a solo ride all the way to Mumbai and back to Bangalore. My first response to his info was a question about the bike used in the journey, we made guesses and which could be confirmed only when i had a talk with the rider VU3GFF himself, and guess what?, it was Enfield 350cc. The ever green bike for the voyagers on Indian roads.

Gave a call to Dr. Santosh and planned for an eyeball in the evening around 18:30 hrs. Took out my bullet as if to see whose bike was more beautiful. Picked up Dr. Santhosh from his sister's QTH at Sanpada (Navi Mumbai). Drove around to a restaurant in Nerul and settled down with a cup of tea. We had non stop discussions from his experiences en route to Mumbai and whether any kind of hassles he faced during his ride. He patiently and enthusiastically answered all my curious questions. The topics ranged from the ham activities around Bangalore to Enfield bullet, to the modifications he had done on his bike to suit the long distance ride. As the time flew i caught hold of one of the waiter from the restaurant to take few snaps of our's to freeze the memories to be unlocked later.

We wished if there was some more time, which all of us want always, but had to settle down with the rotation of earth at this part, where sun had disappeared few hours back. It was 21:00 hrs when i dropped him back to his Navi Mumbai QTH, he had an early morning start for Bangalore back.

While riding back home i was proud of VU3GFF achievements and his experiences, promising myself to also take a long ride on my bike soon.

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  1. Yea Santosh is one of the avid bikers from Bangalore. I am surprised & happy to see Santosh (who is also one of my close friend) featuring in your blog. Nice blog Jayanth. 73's