Saturday, March 12, 2011

Countering Doppler Shift during AO-51 satellite pass

Further to the previous post on VO-52, this post the method for countering  the doppler shift for Satellite AO-51 (ECHO) is described below.

I have made many successful DX contacts on this satellite in last 8 weeks using this methodology as explained by OM VU2GUR. 
The success of bird tacking depends on how effectively you tackle the doppler shift while satellite is approaching you and while it is moving away from you.

Below given is the table which explains you can tackle the doppler shift for AO-51 (ECHO)

                                                    Uplink(Mhz)         Downlink(Mhz)
When Sat is approaching you-----    145.915             435.310

When Sat is near you --------------  145.920              435.300

When Sat is goes away from you-   145.925              435.295

As you get used to these shifting during the advanced stages you can shift both uplink and downlink simultaneously.

Happy Bird Tracking

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  2. Hi buddy,

    Rightly stated regarding GPS. We have been using open source software satscape to know the satellite passes over our city Mumbai(India) and then sending Radio signals through our amateur radio (VHF and UHF) to connect to our fellows tracking the bird.