Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shifting of Shack

21st January 2008 was the day when i received my amateur radio license from Wireless Planning Commission (Government of India). It has been more than two years since i came on air using my VHF rig ICOM 2200. With time added the HF equipments (IC 718 along with the antenna tuner AT-180).

My radio shack was established in the ground floor of my 2 storied house. However almost all through the year (except monsoon), my rag chewing on VHF had been happening from the open balcony on the first floor. It had been a make shift arrangement kind of operating condition. My HF communications were happening through my shack in the ground floor shack.

After initial showers we received in the month of June 2010 at Navi Mumbai (my home
QTH), when i had to rush my some of the rigs inside to protect it from rain. This was the time i firmed up my thoughts of shifting the entire radio shack to the first floor. This was easier said than done, it required convincing my wife to be allowed to shift it to the first floor room adjacent to our bedroom. Surprisingly concurrence came easily.

That was half battle won. Then came shifting the cables running from my roof tops to the first floor. A friendly help from OM VU2AF (Adolf), by lending his drill machine and drill bits.

Shifted my shack table and the rigs. Fixed a soft-board panel and fired the rigs one by one. All the signals tested, SWR under control.
It was a great feeling after the task was accomplished. During this period even HF band condition also improved. I was back on band with a bang.

Antenna Setup for the rigs are

1. VHF (2 meter) - 5/8 , mast height 15 feet.

2. Antenna for Satellite Communications

2.1 UHF - Di-pole the elements facing east west (mast height -15 ft)
2.2 UHF - double 5/8
2.3 UHF Slimjim

3. HF communications

Inverted di-pole (20 m & 40 m) (mast height- 20 ft)

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